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Author, Director & Screenwriter


Written, directed and produced by Travis Hunter, the author, turned film juggernaut, brings to life a compelling story of family, desperation, deceit and ultimately reconciliation.


Dark Child is a chilling story about the untold struggles of the disenfranchised that inspiringly illustrates how one man is not able to turn his back on the problems of his former community—even though he so desperately wants to leave that troubled place in his past forever.


Urban Brown, a white man, grew up in the dark recesses of the inner city where he was the victim of torment abuse, abandonment, deception and murder.Urban overcame his horrid past and lives a peaceful and prosperous life in his upper class community. He has everything a man could ask for, a career he loves, a sprawling estate and a gorgeous fiancée, Sierra. Then out of the blue he receives a phone call that changes his life.


Jamillah is Urban’s half-sister and unlike her brother, she wasn’t able to escape the horrors of her past and turned to drugs to ease the pain. Life on the streets is hard enough, but once a baby comes along she tries to sell her brother on the

game of the black market.


Travis Hunter created Flo-Town Films to produce short films and his first production is his very own novel, Dark Child. The story is presented in several versions,to include, a twenty minute short film format, written in long form screen play and a six episode series.





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