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At The Crossroads by Travis Hunter

By Hunter Editor, Feb 20 2015 11:28AM

RAW Rating: 4.0 (out of 5)

Dafina Books, November 2010256 Pages, Paperback, $9.95ISBN: 0758242514Genre: Young Adult

Franky Bourgeois and his cousins move to Atlanta after being forced out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. He loves his thuggish cousins, and he’s grateful for them taking him in, but he misses his parents; his mother died from cancer and his father died in the hurricane. For three years after moving to Atlanta, Franky did absolutely nothing, which included not going to school. When he was back home in New Orleans, he loved going to school and he was very smart. Franky soon realizes if he didn’t get back into school, chances were he may end up like his cousins.

On his first day of school he meets smart-mouthed, petite and pretty Khadija. They become instant friends and begin to really like each other. However, when one of their classmates gets confrontational with Franky, he is pushed into a position he tried to avoid. Thinking the situation has been resolved, Franky and Khadijah are brutally attacked, and he seeks revenge.

Franky is first introduced in Travis Hunter’s young adult novel, Two the Hard Way. As AT THE CROSSROADS unfolds the reader will observe the hurt and loneliness Franky suffers from the loss of his parents. When he is on the verge of making a bad decision, he feels his father’s presence as he speaks to him about being at the crossroads, and the decision he makes may alter his life forever. Packed with energy, AT THE CROSSROADS dips into a realistic life of a teenager, who is trying to survive, and how one act of poor judgment can cost him everything.

Reviewed by Sharon Lewis,


Sharon Lewis, a married mother of five and a grandmother of eight, is an eclectic bookaholic. She works as an Administrative Assistant and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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